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The Blue Ridge Flea Market offers vending spaces on either a daily or monthly rate on a first come first serve basis.

Please refer to the Blue Ridge Flea Market rules of Operation for further details or call:  (570) 801-2401) Monday thru Friday, (570) 402-2954) Saturday thru Sunday.

Please ask for ask for Rick or Cheryl.


Now CLOSED for the Winter. We will reopen on April 7th, 2018



Daily Rate:  $20.00 per space
Monthly Reservations:  $125.00




Blue Ridge Flea Market:  RULES of OPERATION:

1.    The Blue Ridge Flea Market is open every Saturday and Sunday at 6:00am beginning with the first Saturday in April through the second weekend of November. (Please note: This market operates on a weather permitting basis and as a result, daily and monthly vending fees are non-refundable in the event of in-climate weather.)

2.    Spaces within the Blue Ridge Flea Market are designated by square white plates that are placed throughout the market grounds. All spaces in the market are sold on a first come, first serve basis, the exception being those reserved spaces that are marked as Reserved.

Please note that all spaces run from low number (A1) to high number (A2). In this example above, if space A1 is marked with a red ”RES” it is reserved and therefore not available until 8:00am.

3.    All daily vendors entering The Blue Ridge Flea Market must pay the designated daily vending fee(s) based on the number of spaces rented. Payment of vending fees is expected at the time vendors enter the market (at the gate) or at the request of Flea Market Staff (when fees are collected within the field). Failure to comply with the above or any attempts to evade payment will result in permanent eviction from the market and/or prosecution for theft. (Please Note): Daily Vendors may enter the flea market grounds Sat. and Sun. mornings prior to the start of the market. ( No exceptions! )

4.    All monthly vendors of The Blue Ridge Flea Market are expected to pay the designated monthly vending fees prior to the start of that given month. Failure to comply with the above will result in additional late fees and/or jeopardize the privilege to reserve space in the future. Vendors who reserve space(s) are permitted to enter the flea market grounds for the purpose of setting up on Fridays after 9:00am. All reserved spaces are held until 8:00am after which they become available for daily rental. (Please note that any reserved vending space must be maintained in a manner that allows for the use of that space after 8:00am or in the event the reserving vendor is unable to occupy that space on a given day or weekend.)

5.    One vehicle is permitted per space and must be within market vending spaces and/or boundaries. Vendors may not park vehicles in the parking lot or adjacent to vending spaces outside of the market at any time. The movement or alteration of these boundaries is prohibited. Management of the Blue Ridge Flea Market reserves the right to designate the size, placement and type of vehicles that are permitted in the market. This includes restricting or refusing any vehicle to enter the market for merchandise pickup during business hours.

6.    Subletting, saving vending spaces or spreading out on unpaid vending spaces is prohibited. Violators are subject to additional rental charges and/or removal from the market without a refund.

7.    Vendors are responsible for maintaining their vending spaces, and respective tables/awnings/tarps at all times. All awnings or tarp set ups must be properly secured and needs approval by market management prior to construction and before any objects are driven into flea market grounds due to water and electrical hazards. Management reserves the right to restrict or refuse approval and/or to disassemble (at the vendors expense) any tables or structures that are deemed to be unsafe. (Please Note: the use of chip board or any material that deteriorates when exposed to water is prohibited in the market.)

8.    All merchandise brought onto the grounds of the Blue Ridge Flea Market must be “for sale”. The posting of “free merchandise” is prohibited.

9.    It is the responsibility of all vendors to remove all unsold merchandise and refuse from the flea market grounds. Vendors are not permitted to discard boxes or unwanted items in or around the flea market waste containers or dumpsters at any time! Violators are subject to additional charges and/or removal from the market without a refund.

10.    The sale of food, drinks or other consumable items including: alcohol and tobacco products is prohibited. Management does reserve the right to allow the sale of “packaged food items” that will be consumed off grounds, however, prior approval from management must be obtained and vendors who are approved for these sales are responsible for compliance with all state and local food safety laws including proof of liability insurance and pertinent licensure by the Pa. Dept. of Agriculture.

11.    The use of alcohol and/or any illegal substances on flea market grounds at any time is prohibited. Please note that violators are subject to being evicted from the flea market and are subject to prosecution.

12.    The sale of any “bootleg” merchandise or items deemed to be “drug paraphernalia” and/or “pornographic” in nature is prohibited. Management reserves the right to prohibit any type of merchandise deemed to be objectionable or that conflicts with the image, and family atmosphere of our market.

13.    Any type of container (collectable or otherwise)that is to be sold at the Blue Ridge Flea Market must be emptied of all chemicals or substances that present as a health or safety hazard to humans or the environment prior to entering flea market grounds. Please note that violators are subject to being evicted from the flea market without refund, and to applicable prosecution for any harm or injury to persons, property or the environment that results from the above.

14.    The sale of any and all firearms and ammunition on the grounds of the Blue Ridge Flea Market must be conducted in accordance with applicable Federal and State Law. All Firearms must be “in good working order”, and kept in an unloaded and safe manner. All vendors who sell firearms and ammunition are responsible for insuring responsible handling of these items as well as any injury that may result. (Please note: the possession and/or sale of any explosive devices is prohibited.)

15.    The sale of “PA approved” fireworks is acceptable, however, discharging fireworks on flea market grounds is prohibited.

16.    The use of fires, open grills, or any type of outdoor cooking or heating equipment during business hours is prohibited.

17.    It is prohibited to skate board, roller blade, ride bicycles, scooters or other types of motorized/ non-motorized vehicles on Flea Market grounds at anytime.

18.    It is prohibited to bring pets of any nature onto the grounds the Blue Ridge Flea Market. Violators will be removed from flea market grounds immediately and subject to applicable legal charges.

19.    All vendors and/or patrons entering the grounds of The Blue Ridge Flea Market are responsible for their personal behavior and conduct. All vendors are expected to wear “reasonable attire” during business hours. Any personal conduct that management determines to be of an inappropriate nature or presents as detrimental to the safety of persons or property will result in immediate removal from the flea market grounds, forfeiture of any vending fees as well as possible prosecution and permanent eviction from the market.

20.    The management of the Blue Ridge Flea Market is not responsible for any liability regarding claims of injury, damage to persons or property that arises from or is related to the acceptance and rental of vending space within this market. The above includes injury to or caused by others who enter these premises, damage due to theft, breakage or collision. All vendors are responsible for the articles they bring onto these premises and by renting vending space herein, realize and accept responsibility for those costs and attorney fees which may arise from the above stated rules and circumstances.