Pet Policy

Due to the liability pets present in our ever increasing litigious society, family pets are not permitted on flea market premises at any time.

Non-compliance of the above policy will result in the violators being asked to leave the market. Individuals will be subject to applicable local and state laws should the pet owner(s) become abusive, demeaning or inappropriate with regard to the enforcement of the above policy.

Service Animals: In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA), service animals are permitted on and in the Blue Ridge Flea Market grounds.

It is highly recommended that service animals be marked as such and/or the handler have proper supporting documentation when bringing a service animal onto market grounds. This will aid flea market staff in recognizing the service animal and will reduce being approached about the animals status repeatedly.

Service dog handlers have the responsibility to make sure their service dogs are under control at all times and are responsible for ensuring the animal does not cause damage to vendor merchadise, or flea market property.

The Blue Ridge Flea Market can not be held responsible for the care or supervision of service dogs, and can ask that an animal, service dog or not, be removed if its actions cause a disturbance such as repeated barking, or aggressive behavior, etc.).